Alternatives to Diamond San Francisco Engagement Rings

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Many people believe that diamond should be in engagement rings. This idea is not for everybody since not all can afford to buy such ring. Engagement rings in San Francisco, CA should not just about the gemstone but the meaning and purpose of giving the ring. In recent years due to economic instability few couples can’t afford to buy expensive rings. Good news is that there are lots of alternative engagement rings that can replace diamond rings.


Some people prefer non-diamond rings because of personal taste. When selecting an engagement rings in San Francisco, CA there are different options you can choose from.

Many jewelry shops today provide various ranges of semi-precious gems that are cheaper than diamonds. These semi-precious stones are ideal as engagement rings. Few of the semi-precious stones that are very popular are emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amethyst, tanzanite, garnets, topaz, aquamarine, citrine, opals, and even pearls. Some of this semi-precious stones are not as hard as diamonds so it is necessary to put extra care to it. This shops also offer online which has photographs of the rings in the their catalog.

These colored stones are perfect to create unique engagement rings in San Francisco, CA. They are also ideal if you decided to come up with vintage or antique rings. One of the advantages that you can get from these stones is that it allows extra visual appeal and may add extra appeal to the girl who will wear the ring. Colored gems provide different meanings, qualities, and the months they are assigned to.

Couples often select a birthstone as a gem which is sometimes represent not the actual birth month of the fiancé but the month were they want to get married. This is very commonly especially for modern couples.

It is crucial to check the quality of the stone when selecting a semi-precious gem. Just like diamonds they too have cut, color, and carats. Choose something that is flawless. Match the stone to the lifestyle of your partner. To ensure that you are dealing with the perfect one you need to mention this to the jeweler. It is advisable to consult a reputable jeweler to assure that you are picking the right stone for your engagement rings in San Francisco, CA. Some gemstones may be more appropriate than others in this sort of scenario.

When it comes to design you also need to match the semi-precious stone. This will help you to come up with something beautiful and unique.

If you are one of those people who believe in something you may consider having a customized ring from your trusted jeweler. However, such thing may cost you a lot but surely you will get unique and beautiful ring that no one has.

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